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Car Interior Vibrant Lights

Car Interior Vibrant Lights

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 Transform Your Ride with Glowies! 

 Change your car's interior in a unique way that's super easy and totally cool! With 7 vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless!

 Small but Mighty! These little buddies fit in any car. Use them alone or mix them with your car's original LEDs for an epic rainbow effect.

 Too Easy to Handle! Tap to switch colors. No more battery hassle – just plug them in with the USB cable. Stick them wherever you want – ceiling, seats, storage spaces – let your creativity shine!

 7 Colors to Choose From! Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, White, and Dark Blue. Create your own color masterpiece!

🛠️ Built Tough! Glowies are designed for everyday use. They come off clean thanks to our special car adhesive. Each Glowie has 6 bright LEDs for maximum light and durability.

Get ready to glow up your ride like never before! 

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